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Redmark Industry (Penang)
Sdn Bhd

7206, Mez Floor, Kompleks Perniagaan Pangsapuri Seri Cemerlang, Jalan Kampung Paya, Kampung Paya, 12200 Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.
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QC Equipments for Food & Beverage Packaging

HWBC-2 Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

HWBC-1 Hot Wire Bottle Cutter


VLT--ST Vacuum Leak Tester (Standard Model)

VLT-ECO Vacuum Leak Tester (ECO Model)

VLT-PLC Vacuum Leak Tester (PLC Model)


PVG Series Pressure or Vacuum Gauge (Simple Pressure or Vacuum Tester for Can and Bottle)

PVG-D for PET Bottle

Digital Model ※PVG-D§ With Vacuum Indicator

Digital Model ※PVG-D§ With Pressure Indicator

SSA-D Secure Seal Analyzer (Standard Model)

SSA-PLC Secure Seal Analyzer (PLC Model)

Secure Seal Analyzer (ECO Model)


CO2 Easy with Analog Pressure Indicator & Thermometer

CO2 Easy-D with Digital Pressure Indicator & Digital Thermometer


PBBT-1 PET Bottle Burst Tester

GBBT-2 Glass Bottle Burst Tester (Explosion Tester for Glass Bottle - Dual Stations)

GBBT-1 Glass Bottle Burst Tester (Explosion Tester for Glass Bottles)


SS-1 Seaming Cutting Saw

SeamCheck - Automatic Double Seam Projector

Seam Thickness Gauge

SLG-1 Seam Length Gauge

CO2 Easy with Analog Pressure Indicator & Thermometer

CO2 Easy with Analog Pressure Indicator & Thermometer

CO2 -P CO2 Purity Tester


CCAG - Crown Cap Angle Gauge (Angle Indicator for Crown Cap)


ACWD-1 每 Automatic Bottle Cutting & Weighing Device

BSD 每 Beverage Sampling Device


PPS-1 Preform Profile Saw

HG-1 Height Gauge

Glass Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge

AMTG-2 Accurate Magnetic Thickness Gauge

Filtering Sieve ( HY-DY-450)


STS-1 Swing Top Stopper Tester

POT-1 Pull Off Tester (Strength pull off cap tester)

FT-1 Fatigue Tester

PLS- Production Line Simulator

TWB-1 Thermostatic Water Bath

SCT-D Stress Crack Tester (26 Positions)

SCT-PLC Stress Crack Tester

PL-P Polarization Light for Preform

BT ETA TORQUE 每 Dynamometric Torque Bottle

BT ETA 5 每 Touch Screen Dynamometric Torque Bottle

BT ETA TORQUE ECO 每 Dynamometric Torque Bottle

ADATMV5 Monopost Automated Torque Tester

UBPT Universal Bottle Perpendicularity Gauge

TMV5 with Cosmetic Table

PTG-A / PTG-D Preform Thickness Gauge

PPG-D Preform Perpendicularity Gauge

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