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Voltage,mA Calibrator

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Voltage,mA Calibrator  Calibrator Electronic & Electrical Testing Equipments


* Display: 88888 counts
* Measure loop currents signals
* Measure Process signals from PLC
* Simulates 24mA loop current to output
* Source voltage to 100mV or 10V
* Low Battery Display
* Maximum voltage applied between any jack and earth ground or any tow jack: 30V
* Storage temperature: -40 to 60
* Operating temperature: -10 to 55
* Operating altitude: 3000 meters maximum
* Temperature coefficient: +/-0.005% of range per for the temperature range -10 to 18 and 28 to 55
* Relative humidity: 95% up to 30, 75% up to 40, 45%up to 50, 35% up to 55
* Shock: Random 2g, 5Hz to 500Hz
* Safety: 1 meter drop test
* Power requirement: 9VDC, 006P or 1604A
* Size: 190mm(L) x 89mm(W) x 42mm(H)
* Weight: 350g (include battery)
* Auto Power off: 6 min
* Cancel the function of Auto Power Off: Hold Input / Output key, then press Power button. The full screen appears and the

Auto Power Off is canceled. On the contrary, the Auto Power Off could be recovered after reboot the calibrator.
* Safety rating: CE(EMC) RoHS


Specification                       Range           Resolution                 Accuracy
DC V mV Input                   0~100mV       0.01mV
                                              0~10V            0.001V
DC V mV Output                0~100mV        0.01mV
                                             0~10V           0.001V
Loop Power Output               24V DC           N/A
DC mA Input                           0~24 mA         0.001mA
DC mA Output                         0~24 mA         0.001mA
DC V Input and Output              100mV        0.01mV               +/-(0.02%+2)
                                                   10V                  0.001V                  +/-(0.02%+2)
DC mA Input and Output         24mA               0.001mA            +/-(0.015%+4)
Loop Power                              24V                                         +/-10%

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