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Ioning Air Blower (KP101A)

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Ioning Air Blower (KP101A) Ion Air Blower Ion Fan Ioning Air Blower (KP101A) Ion Air Blower Ion Fan Ioning Air Blower (KP101A) Ion Air Blower Ion Fan Ioning Air Blower (KP101A) Ion Air Blower Ion Fan

KAPPER - Ioning Air Blower (KP101A)

Ioning Air Blower (Kapper) KP101A Generation 5 intelligent desktop ion fan is kapper’ s latest developed and produced intelligent anti-static devices, it can eliminate the static
electricity on object surfaces.

KP101A Generation 5 intelligent desktop ion fan can produce large amounts of airflow with positive and negative charges to neutralize the charges on the objects. Negative or positive charges on the object surface will attract opposite charges in the air, so that the static electricity on the object surfaces will be neutralized
and eliminated.
KP101A Generation 5 intelligent desktop ion fan’ s wind force, provided by the small fan, can be adjusted via the touch button or remote control.
KP101A Generation 5 intelligent desktop ion fan is applied in precision electronic, pharmaceutical manufacturing, plastics, photoelectric industry, etc.


1) Intelligent modern device of novel design, it’ s finely made with exquisite appearance.
2) The hairbrush with automatic memory will automatically clean up the needle. It eliminates the bother of manual cleaning.
3) Power supply startup and wind force is dual controlled by the touch button and remote control.
4) High voltage buzzer alarm and alarm lamp facilitate the direct understanding on the working condition of the equipment via auditory and visual senses.

5) It has high anti-static speed, low balanced voltage and excellent safety performance.
6) With low power consumption, it saves energy and protects environment.




Please read the operating manual carefully before installing and using this equipment.
1) The whole equipment must be reliably earthed; otherwise it will be easily burned out.
2) Don’ t insert anything into the protective mesh (front and back mesh cover) at the air inlet or outlet.
3) It’ s inadvisable to use this equipment under the humidity which is over 65%

4) It is strictly prohibited to use this equipment in the inflammable and explosive environment.
5) Internal maintenance and repair must be conducted by professionals.

Installation : 


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